Help My Man cant stop Cheating, I need your Advice

I have been dating this guy for almost two years now, before we started our relationship, he told me he had a gf, but he gave me the impression that he was looking for someone better, probably the girl was headache for him, so I thought tho, after much convincing and lots of conversation, I decided to dated, after 3months into our relationship, we got intimate...after 2weeks or so, pictures of his introduction with the girl emerged..

 I was so mad, had to call it off, he came bk and gave me gist on how she got pregnant and he just had to do the intro and all, that he wasn’t planning on getting married yet..hmmm women will always be women, we continued our relationship o, the other girl moved into his house, but he kept assuring that the girl was just a baby mama and not his wife, I had to endure her living in his house after she put to birth. ..Fast forward to last month, he still didn’t marry her, I felt like yeah, he must really love and felt hooked cos of the child, 

I promised to stick by...ok then last month I travelled from Lagos to Benin to visit, that’s how we’ve been seeing ever since I finished my nysc and I went bk to lag, to be honest our relationship was so cool, I visit him once every month, and we stay at his cuz house, he is more in his cuz house than his, he respects, wen am with him, I do not even feel like he has another woman,

I. Was just waiting patiently till I would have him all to myself..ok on the 30th of last month, I was with him, he went out that night, and I was busy looking for a paper to write Down my new year wish, wen I came across a jotter and saw some stuff written on it, I read it. .lo and behold the other woman was praying for safe delivery in 2019😳 he came bk and I asked him if she was pregnant and he confirmed it, I could not believe it o, I was hurt, he was apologizing saying it was a mistake and they tried terminating it but the doc advised them against it. 

.I thought I could let it slide and still be with, but I kept asking myself if this guy can actually leave a lady that has 2kids by him for me??? I am confused
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