Help He is dumping me after 4 years because of my religion

I met this particular man sometimes around November 2016 in my home town and luckily he was working where I schooled, we became friends although I liked him at first sight and got close to him cos I just broke up with my ex and his personalities are amazing, he's such a great guy.

He's a Christian and a Tiv man while I'm Muslim and a Yoruba lady, after a couple of weeks, he wooed me but even though I had feelings for him, I was set aback bcos of our differences cos I don't date for fun so I just told him to chill, I knew I was getting myself into trouble by getting attached to him but I couldn't help it and so we started dating
This man has every single thing I want in a man, I mean he's close to perfect...we have been through a lot together, I mean I have invested my emotions, strength and time in this relationship especially when he lost his job and things weren't rosy anymore
Fast forward to now, he got a better job in port Harcourt and I can say even with the distance between us, he's faithful although I visit him especially now that I have graduated.
The problem is that he can't speak my language and I can't speak his, we have different faith and I don't even know what I was thinking up till now...anytime I bring up the issue, he would just take it lightly and say if my people won't mind, he only see a marriage full of fun ahead of us
I feel like if I lose him, in d world we live today, it will be difficult to find a man like him.

My parents may not accept him, he may try to make me convert after marriage which I can't, how do we raise our children... These are some if the questions I ask myself but love says otherwise
Help He is dumping me after 4 years because of my religion Help He is dumping me after 4 years because of my religion Reviewed by Obanaija on January 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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