How to toast a Lagos Girl, and make her say yes

If you do not know how to toast a girl for the first time, the best tips are: When you pass by, you should always try to make eye contact Look back and watch if she has paid attention to you.

How to toast a girl on the road

When you catch up to a girl, the first thing you should do is to say sorry for getting her attention Always start your conversation respectfully and politely Take cues from her whether she is ready to continue the conversation with you.

Please remember that if a girl desires further communication with you, she will always do her part to retain the conversation Always approach a girl with confidence Try to break the ice with a couple of unplanned comments about your immediate surroundings. For example, if you are in front of a café, you might say, “Coffee smells perfect, does not it?” Say a particular compliment to the girl.

Please note that there are words to toast a girl you must never pronounce. Just remember! No compliments about sexiness, her butts, or other body parts.

Such words will offend the girl forever Concentrate on nonverbal communication. Keep in mind that 60 % of human communication is always visual, and 40% is always verbal. Therefore, your body language and the way you talk are the most important things Keep eye contact and smile Always continue the conversation if it seems welcome.

Talk about any current events, new film, weather, etc. When you keep talking with a new girl on the road, it never matters what you say. Just keep on talking. The longer your conversation is, the better chances you have to ask her telephone number.
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