How one instagram Affair almost ruin me in 2018 (Part 2) #RealConfession


..... On getting to my flat i discovered that I couldn't find any of my expensive phones, My official Ipad was gone!, and a brown paper bag containing some value documents and 1000 dollars, !!. I felt a sudden rush of cool breeze from my head to toe, My head became heavy and light at the same time, I am finished!! My official Ipad contained a lot of official assignment yet to be completed, and the data collected were from months of hard work coupled with sleepless nights.

I began to ransack every nook and crannies, the items were no where to be found, for a girl who didn't want my 20k, how could she possibly be a suspect, I immediately sent one of my neighbor's kids to call my homeboy who also lives down my street, he came almost immediately, "O boy Na that Girl rob you, I sure die" . I didn't want to argue with him, So I used his phone to immediately log into my Instagram account, to my greatest surprise I could not find any of my chats with this strange girl, i also didn't seen her name on Instagram, it was as if she never existed and as if she was a ghost. My fear was further confirmed I searched her name on Facebook and i all the search results proved fruitless.

I immediately dialed my number, it rang for about 7 times before it was picked, and a male voice was heard on the other side, telling me that i should forget about everything that i lost, and that the girl is his staff and that she has completed a successful assignment. I became further confused, My Ipad had password and there was no way to access it, I called back the same number and this time the voice was very aggressive, " Oga na wetin you want, I tell you say, make you forget about that girl and say make you forget the girl!!" 

 "Guy na to track your phone with google location, and see where your last phone call come from, but first i get one police friend wey fit help you track this guys" I got a little hope on hearing these words, Immediately I went into action, I remembered that I saw the Uber cab that brought her, and also i was able to see the vehicle type and make, so I called a friend at Uber and asked for that exact vehicle and described in detail, since the Uber driver brought the girl to my house, I asked my friend to pull up details of every Uber cab that dropped off passengers on my street, luckily it was just one driver. I now tracked my ipad and phone with a software i installed on my laptop. 

How one instagram Affair almost ruin me in 2018 (Part 2) #RealConfession How one instagram Affair almost ruin me in 2018  (Part 2) #RealConfession Reviewed by Obanaija on January 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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