Help I made the wrong choice, I married a wicked woman!!

I am 29 years old and my wife is 32 with a baby from another man before I met her. I knew this and agreed to marry her because I found out that the pregnancy wasn't her fault(although the baby is with the father). Before I knew my wife, I was in relationship for 6 years with the woman I planned to marry. 

I had gone to see her parents and my family loves her ever since they knew her (Ex Girlfriend). She was good to me and my family in every thing. While I was dating her I tried to push forward with getting married to her, but she refused and asked me to wait until we had enough money for the marriage. Meanwhile I was ready to get married with what God has blessed one with. She kept saying how she will not use her money for marriage (ex girlfriend) , that its a man's part to play. She works in the bank and with a higher pay check than the one I receive then. 

 At a time she got pregnant and refused to keep it and ended up aborting the child, after all I did to make her keep the baby. What signed me out of her was that she cheated on me while we were courting. So after all this. I left her and got married to my wife, even when all my relations said no to leaving the ex girlfriend and marrying another. my wife knew that I stood for her when all odds was against her . Now here is the issue. 

I courted my wife for 7 months before we got married. During this time of courtship she was wonderful and I saw the fear of God in her. Meanwhile, when I told my family of her, they all said no, that they wanted me to marry my ex as mentioned above and they also said the tribe of my wife don't do well in marriage .but I refused and got married to my wife without their approval and most of them didn't attend the ceremony. 

Now my wife has changed. She gets angry very fast, insults me publicly and curses me at will She will keep to her self from morning till the next day without talking to me, or doing anything in the house, when I ask her what the problem is, she wont say a word to me. I wash my clothes and I cook my own food and when I bring the food for us to eat, she won't say a word to me. The only time she speaks is to insult me. This has happened for 8 months now!!
Help I made the wrong choice, I married a wicked woman!! Help I made the wrong choice, I married a wicked woman!! Reviewed by Obanaija on January 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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