How one instagram Affair almost ruin my 2018 #RealConfession

Last month before Christmas, I met a girl on Instagram she posted some pictures on her wall and I commented, she replied saying thanks, I simply asked if she would mind giving me her number and she quickly sent it, it was too easy but I didn't mind, I called the next day and she was very welcoming and also sounded nice on the phone, could this girl be real I asked myself several times.
 On the 2nd of December I asked if she could come over to my house and she said she was busy and that she was going to be free on the 7th, I was surprisingly excited to meet this mystery lady, on that faithful day I got a call that she was already leaving her house and that she was taking Uber down to my house, she made it after 45 minutes and My goodness, the girl was so beautiful, even finer in flesh, her hips were loaded, she was a perfect Coca-Cola shape, and her original chocolate skin color was so natural not like all those yeye bleaching cream babes. 
I entertained her with the chicken roast and a bottle of chilled wine I had bought earlier that day, we had so much fun and it all ended up in bed, this girl was a professor is the act of love making, I couldn't stop myself, her body was so soft and smooth, and she knew all the sex styles in the book, we didn't stop all night till the break of dawn, in the morning she got a call and had to leave she didn't even ask for transport fare like all those moi moi Girls I used to date, the chick got so much class, I dropped her off at the junction and squeezed 20k into her hand, she smiled and politely told me that she was not a call girl and that she didn't need my money, I noticed the displeasure on her face and quickly withdrew my offer, on my way home I couldn't control my excitement, this must be a dream, where can one meet a girl who is not interested in the money or was this a prank, I thought to myself, as I got to my flat I discovered that I couldn't find any of my expensive phones .......TO BE CONTINUED

How one instagram Affair almost ruin my 2018 #RealConfession How one instagram Affair almost ruin my 2018 #RealConfession Reviewed by Obanaija on December 31, 2018 Rating: 5

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